Why attend Gain?

Why you should be at the AIGA Design and Business Conference this year.

You’re sure to come away refreshed and recharged from “Gain,” but budgets are tight. How do you convince your company—or yourself, for that matter—that you need to attend this conference?

Here’s a primer for talking through the typical concerns:

  • We can’t afford to lose you for that long.
    This is a chance for me to gain insights from extraordinary business and design leaders from around the world. I’ll only be missing two days at the office—a small price to pay for the energy, ideas and methods that will make me more valuable and productive.
  • It’s too expensive.
    This conference offers a great value: more than two full days of programming, connections and experiences that can’t be purchased at a better price. In addition, there will be training workshops and networking receptions that I can participate in.
  • We can only afford one conference. Why is this one the best?
    AIGA is recognized worldwide as the authority on design excellence and an advocate for the effective use of design to create value for business. “Gain” promises to be one of the most innovative events of the year, combining the expertise of the design and business industries into a powerful force. To get a sense of the presentations, watch a few videos from the 2008 conference.
  • Don’t we already spend enough money on AIGA?
    Our membership dues directly support the profession, pay for practical resources, promote professional standards, and provide me with specific benefits. Our membership in AIGA also gets us a discount on registration ($300 per person).
  • What’s in it for us?
    In addition to idea-generating presentations, “Gain” attendees will have access to exclusive workshops designed to increase business success and optimize creativity and profitability. I’ll build value for our brand and strengthen our business practices by exploring the broadening role of design in business stragegy, leadership, process and product.

Sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it? Don’t wait a minute longerregister today!